ACROSS THE BOARD- A bet on a horse to win, place and show. If the horse wins, the player collects three ways; if second, two ways; and if third, one way, losing the win and place bets.
ALLOWANCE RACE- A race other than claiming for which the racing secretary drafts certain conditions to determine weights.


BACKSTRETCH- Straight of far side of track between the turns. Also stable area.
BLINKERS- Device to limit a horse's vision to prevent him from swerving from objects or other horses on either side of him.
BREAK MAIDEN- Horse or rider winning first race of career.
BREEZE- Working a horse at a moderate speed; less effort than handily.
BUG- Apprentice allowance. Apprentice rider.
BULLET (WORK)- The best time for the distance on the work tab for a given day at a track.


CHECKED- A horse pulled up by his jockey for an instant because he is cut off or in tight quarters.
CLAIMING- Buying a horse out of race for entered price.
CLAIMING RACE- Race in which horses are entered subject to claim for a specified price.
CLASSIC- Race of traditional importance. In the U.S. specifically the Kentucky Derby, Preakness and Belmont stakes for colts, and Coaching Club American Oaks for fillies.
CLOSER- A horse who runs best in the latter part of the race, coming from off the pace.
COLORS- Racing silks-jacket and cap-worn by riders to denote the owner(s) of horse.
COMPANY- Class of horses in a race. Members of the field.
CONDITION RACE- An event with conditions limiting it to a certain class of horse. Such as: Fillies, 3-year-olds, non-winners of two races other than maiden or claiming, etc.


DAILY DOUBLE- Type of wager calling for the selection of winners of two consecutive races, usually the first and second.


FRONT-RUNNER- A horse who usually leads (or tries to lead) the field for as far as he can.
FURLONG- One-eighth of a mile; 220 yards; 660 feet.


GATE- Starting mechanism.
GELDING- Castrated male horse.


HALF- Half a mile, four furlongs; 880 yards; 2,640 feet.
HANDICAPPING- One who assigns weights for a handicap race. Also one who makes selections based on past performances.
HANDILY- Working or racing with moderate effort, but more effort than breezing.
HAND RIDE- Urging a horse with the hands and not using the whip.
HEAD- A margin between horses. One horse leading another by the length of his head.
HEAD OF THE STRETCH- Beginning of the straight run home.


IN THE MONEY- Finishing first, second or third.
INQUIRY- Reviewing the race to check into a possible infraction of the rules. Also, a sign flashed by officials on tote board on such occasions.


JUVENILE- Two-year-old horse.


LASIX- See furosemide.
LENGTH- Length of a horse from nose to tail, about 8 feet. Also distance between horses in a race.


MAIDEN- A horse who has not won a race. Also applied to non-winning rider.
MAIDEN RACE- A race for non winners.


NECK- Unit of measurement, about the length of a horse's neck; a quarter of a length.
NOSE- Smallest advantage a horse can win by. In England called a short head.


OBJECTION- Claim of foul lodged by rider, patrol judge or other official. If lodged by official, it is called an inquiry.
ODDS-ON- Odds of less than even money. In England it is simply called "on," thus a horse "5-4 on" is actually at odds of 4-5.
OFFICIAL- Sign displayed when result is confirmed. Also racing official.
ON THE NOSE- Betting a horse to win only.


PAST PERFORMANCES- A compilation in Daily Racing Form of a horse's record, including all pertinent data, as a basis for handicapping.
PHOTO FINISH- A result so close it is necessary to use a finish-line camera to determine order of finish.
PLACE- Second position at finish.
PLACE BET- Wager on a horse to finish first or second.
POLE- Markers at measured distances around the track, marking the distance from the finish. The quarter pole, for instance, is a quarter of a mile from the finish, not from the start.
POST- Starting point or position in starting gate.
POST POSITION- Position of stall in starting gate from which a horse starts.
POST TIME- Designated time from race to start.
PURSE- A prize of money to which owners do not contribute.


QUARTER- One-quarter of a mile; 440 yards; 1,320 feet.
QUARTER POLE- Marker one-quarter mile from the finish.


RIDDEN OUT- Refers to a horse that wins under a vigorous hand ride but is not being whipped.


SCRATCH- To be taken out of a race.
SEVEN FURLONGS- Seven-eighths of a mile; 1,540 yards; 4,620 feet.
SHOW- Third position at the finish.
SHOW BET- Wager on a horse to finish in the money; third or better.
SIRE- Father of a horse.
SIX FURLONGS- Three-quarter of a mile; 1,320 yards, 3,960 feet.
SIXTEENTH- One-sixteenth of a mile; 110 yards, 330 feet.
SLOPPY- Condition of footing. Wet on surface with firm bottom.
STAKES HORSE- One capable of competing in such events.
STARTING GATE- Mechanical device having partitions (stalls) for horses in which they are confined until the starter releases the doors in front to begin the race.
STRETCH- Final straight portion of the racetrack to the finish.
STRETCH TURN- Bend of track into homestretch.


TRACK RECORD- Fastest time at various distances recorded at a particular track.
TRIAL- Workout.
TRIFECTA (or TRIPLE)- A wager picking the first three finishers in exact order.
TRIP- A horse's race.
TRIPLE CROWN- In the United States, the Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes and Belmont Stakes. In England the 2,000 Guineas, Epsom Derby and St. Leger.
TURF COURSE- Grass course.


WHIP- Instrument, usually of leather, with which rider strikes horse to increase his speed. Also called bat and gad.
WORK- To exercise a horse. A workout.